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    Managing risk through cybersecurity programs today is challenging and expensive. In response, CIO3leverages a best-of-breed cloud-based Cybersecurity Program Management (CPM) solutions. Built around the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework and designed to simplify the human intensive side of cybersecurity, our platform and expert consultants quickly and easily design, implement, and operationalize enterprise-wide risk mitigation and cyber security solutions so your business can move with velocity.


    CIO3 is able to significantly reduce your risk profile and cyber security program expenses by efficiently managing all aspects of the cyber security program lifecycle.

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    Through a combination our skilled consulting service and state-of-the-art tools, CIO3 will help you understand your digital transformation risk and cybersecurity gaps and work with you to mitigate the issues in a thoughtful priority order.

  • The Virtual CISO


    CIO3 serves as your virtual CISO or improves the effectiveness of our existing cybersecurity program. Here is what we do!



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    Transformation is about velocity or speed with direction!

    The technology life-cycle continues to shrink causing your business to change at a faster and faster rate. How does this rate of technological change impact your strategy and plans? Are you prepared to not only keep up but win in the marketplace? We help you...

    • Develop enterprise-wide strategies and plans
    • Inventory existing cybersecurity capabilities

    Cybersecurity Maturity Model

    •Baseline maturity is characterized by minimum expectations required by law and regulations or recommended in supervisory guidance.

    •Evolving maturity is characterized by additional formality of documented procedures and policies that are not already required.

    •Intermediate maturity is characterized by detailed, formal processes. Controls are validated and consistent.

    •Advanced maturity is characterized by cybersecurity practices and analytics that are integrated across lines of business.

    •Innovative maturity is characterized by driving innovation in people, processes, and technology for the institution and the industry to manage cyber risks.

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    CIO3 has giving in our DNA and we are proud supporters of the innovation in giving offered by The Bouchedid Foundation!

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    Throughout 2016, China led the way in being the main source country for distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS). In Q4 however, the U.S. took first place as China slipped to fourth. With over 180,000 attacks, there is a large gap between the United States and the second-placed UK. According to Akamai, the total of 751,895 attacks marks a 4% increase on Q4 2015.


    This chart shows the share and number of DDoS attacks in Q4 2916, by country of origin.

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